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Tommy Waters, Process Specialist.     University of Arkansas B.S. Agriculture, Animal Sciences

Tommy Waters, Process Specialist. 

University of Arkansas
B.S. Agriculture, Animal Sciences

I can change all this stuff

Chris Carter
VP of Operations at Foster Farms

"Tommy spent a week in two of my plants at Foster Farms in December of 2015 as a processing consultant. One plant is a fully cooked further processing plant and the other is a large retail tray pack plant. Tommy was very professional and worked well with my team at both facilities. Although he was only on site a few days at each facility, he identified actionable opportunities in the areas of efficiency and yield. Tommy provided quick feedback both verbally and in a well written report that was to the point. He examined specific areas at my request and also provided valuable input on other areas as his time allowed. Based on my experience on this short engagement, I would recommend Tommy for consulting work in cooked and fresh poultry operations. He can quickly get the lay of the land and provide good advice and is well versed in cost control, yield, quality, safety, and general management. I plan to utilize Tommy more in the future as needs arise. 
January 16, 2016


Consultant, Meat and Poultry Processing

TW Processing Solutions, LLC

2015 – Present (1 year) Clermont, GA

Consulting poultry manufacturers to improve key performance indicators through troubleshooting, resolution strategies, coaching and training.

Leverages extensive experience and broad scope industry expertise by offering site observation and creation of strategies for challenge resolution. History of successfully impacting safety, quality, line efficiency, direct labor utilization, cost reduction, micro reduction, employee retention, maintenance uptime, yields, AgriStats results and work flow, in addition to other challenges a poultry processing plant manager might encounter.

Director of Operations

Perdue Farms

2013 – 2015 (2 years) Gainesville, GA

Led operations for plant producing fully cooked chicken, ready to eat sausage, and raw sausage. Supervised 6 direct reports including Unit Managers, Maintenance Manager, Purchasing Manager, and Continuous Improvement Manager and 300 indirect reports. Responsible for ensuring production schedules were met, safety of plant and employees, managing projects, generating improvements in yield, efficiencies, and cost reductions.

► Created a culture of safety, implementing a program reducing double digit incidents, double digit claims, and monumental losses. In 19 months, incidents, claims and losses were virtually eliminated.

► Reduced cost/lb through a combination of increasing efficiencies, yield and reducing expenditures resulting in a significant reduction in cost per pound.

► Created cross-functional team to analyze, formulate and execute a plan to reduce freight costs and increase payload resulting in a payload increase of 60% and freight cost/lb decreased over 37%.

Complex Manager

Tyson Foods

2009 – 2013 (4 years) Glen Allen, VA

Supervised 6 direct reports (Live Production Manager, Plant Manager, HR manager, Safety and Environmental manager, Purchasing Manager, and Waste Water Treament Manager) and 750 indirect reports, at 1M head per week processing plant.

► Assessed opportunity to improve yield and first processing costs to be more competitive with other companies’ like product mixed plants. Within 6 months, turned loss into a gain delivering a significant gain in revenue.

► Evaluated catch and haul cost detail, developed and implemented strategy resulting in double digit % decrease in 14 months.

Complex Manager

Tyson Foods

2004 – 2009 (5 years) Forest, MS

Managed 2M head per week processing plant producing fast food cuts, deboned breast meat, deli wogs, and fresh leg quarters. Supervised 5 direct reports, (Plant Manager, Purchasing Manager, HR Manager, Safety Manager, and Industrial Engineer) and 1250 indirect reports. Toured facility daily to observe processes and look for opportunities for improvement and increased efficiencies in production, quality, or safety. Monitored activity to ensure product was produced and shipped on time.

► Upon thorough evaluation developed scope of work and capital improvement request to consolidate two plants. Achieved ROI expectations and increased incremental revenue.

► Identified potential for 1% yield opportunity in boneless breast yield. Implemented strategy that improved yield in 6 months, reducing cost per pound and increased revenue stream

Complex Manager

Tyson Foods

2001 – 2004 (3 years) Pine Bluff, Arkansas Area

1.7 million head processing plant with 5 fully cooked oven lines and 2 par fry lines. Produced fast food/food service cuts, deli wogs, and fully cooked and par fry products. Supervised staff of 12 people and 1900 employees indirectly. Monitored key performance indicators for both live production and processing.

► Developed and implemented strategy to increase yield resulting in an increase of 7% in 12 weeks, resulting in further elevated revenue for the operation.

Complex Manager

Tyson Foods

2000 – 2001 (1 year) Forest, MS

Managed 7 direct reports including Plant Manager, Live Production Manager, Purchasing Manager, Safety Manager, HR Manager, Nurse Manager and 1100 indirect reports. Monitored key performance indicators including yield, efficiency, labor utilization, and safety issues. Toured floor daily, checked auxiliary areas for housekeeping, visited poultry farms, feed mill, and hatchery to identify opportunities for improvement. Collaborated with accounting to build annual budgets and assisted corporate offices with forecasting.

► Developed plan to increase yield by 1%. Achieved yield improvement in four months, increasing revenue and competitiveness in the industry.

Complex Manager

Tyson Foods

1997 – 2000 (3 years) Monett, MO

Live production and processing plant for 1.3M head producing products for fast food, fresh deli and foodservice.

Live Production Manager

Tyson Foods

1995 – 1997 (2 years) Grannis, AR

Live production supported two plants with pullets, breeders, and broilers processing 2.2M head per week.

Plant Manager

Tyson Foods

1994 – 1995 (1 year) Berryville, AR

Plant processed 660,000 head per week. Produced boneless products for further processing plant which consisted of 11 fully cooked oven lines.


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