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DFDS Common Frame Debone Coneline Conveyor System

It is the objective of an invention to provide a system that overcomes some or all of the deficiencies of a prior design. That was the vision behind D&F Equipment Sales newest patent (Pat. 9,414,606) Common Frame Debone Coneline Conveyor System

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Common Frame

In prior designs, the gap between a traditional coneline and a conveyor could be as much as 3.5”. This causes significant issues as it requires workers to reach that extra distance, and increases the likelihood of product loss.  The common frame eliminates the gaps that exist in previous coneline designs reducing time required for equipment sanitation.


Multiple Product Belt Orientation

Product belts can be placed outside full length, inside full length or pass through the frame to accommodate required discharge points. All these improvements are made possible by D&F Equipment Sales' Patent Common Frame Design. .

cone line belt.jpg

800 Series Coneline Belt

D&F Equipment Sales also co-developed with Intralox a more reliable belt (800 Series Cone Line Belt) to run with this system as opposed to using knuckle chain.  The Intralox 800 Series belt has a smooth, closed upper surface with fully flush edges and recessed rods which aids in employee and food safety.

Additional System Features

  • Modular Design  (smaller footprint)

  • Open Frame (no tubing, most sanitary design)

  • Standard SS debone cones with SS rods (options available)

  • Quick Release feature on hold-downs

  • Inverter duty SS drives for line speed adjustments

  • Ergonomic employee platforms at each workstation

  • UHMW trim boards at wing and breast trim stations

  • Overhead SS angle utility frame (supports knife/scissor holders)

  • Task lighting and E-stop cable brackets

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